What if I can’t pay it all at once?

I have a lot of debts to the collection company. What should I do?

Get information about all your debts quickly and conveniently in the Julianus Inkaso self-service, available to you on 24/7! Sign in HERE! For each claim, the Self-Service can set up a payment schedule that suits you. Further information will be provided by calling +37052032991. We will evaluate your situation and work with you to find the most appropriate solution for making payments. In this way, you will be able to avoid incurring high court costs.

Can I enter into a payment agreement and how?

The fastest and most convenient way to schedule a payment is to do it in the Julianus self-service. Sign in HERE! If you cannot enter into a payment agreement with Julianus Inkaso self-service, the debt must be paid in a single payment. If you would like to schedule your payment for a longer period, please contact us by phone +37052032991 or by email klausimai@julianus.lt

Recommendation: make the payments as high as you can, as this will reduce the consequential costs of the debt (interest and late payment).