Why do I have to pay for the service even when I haven’t visited my fitness centre?

During the term of the membership agreement you must pay the monthly fee regardless of whether you have actually visited your fitness centre or not.

Check whether your membership agreement is for a fixed or indefinite period, as well as what the terms concerning the termination of the agreement and the payment of the monthly fee are.

If use of the service is temporarily restricted, e.g., due to arrears, the monthly fee will still have to be paid.

Why am I still receiving invoices even though I have terminated my agreement with the service provider?

After the termination of the agreement, the last invoice will be sent to you at the beginning of the next month. Thus, if you terminated the agreement on January 15, you will receive the invoice at the start of February.

Before terminating your agreement, be sure to check the validity of your contact details to ensure that you will receive the invoice on time and avoid incurring debts.