What will happen to my existing loans or credit cards if my details are published in the payment default register?

Generally, the publication of your details in the payment default register will have no bearing on your existing loans and credit cards.

However, there may be exceptions depending on your service provider. For example, your service provider may lower your credit card limits.

The publishing of your details in the payment default register will also certainly make it more difficult to obtain new credit cards and loans.

I have taken out an express loan and have not paid it back. Will this affect my chances of getting new loans?

If you have failed to repay any loans, your details will be published in the payment default register and this will affect your chances of getting new loans.

If you already have a number of outstanding express loans, then, as a rule, companies will either refuse to grant you new loans or will impose poorer terms for new loans.

That is why you should always start repaying your loans as quickly as possible!

I have various express loans from several companies. How can I fix things?

In such a case, you may want to consider refinancing, which is a reasonable option if you have many different loans with a high interest rate.

Read about refinancing HERE.