Debt recovery through a debt collection company and issues related to unpaid invoices

On what basis were my debt(s) transferred to Julianus Inkaso for recovery?

If you do not pay for the goods or services, your service provider (creditor) has the right to turn to Julianus Inkaso to collect the debt and to conclude a cooperation agreement with Julianus Inkaso.

The creditor also has the right to assign the debt to Julianus Inkaso. In this case, all contractual rights are transferred to Julianus Inkaso, which becomes the new creditor.

I have not received an invoice. What should I do?

First, make sure that your data (email address, phone number, postal address) held by your service provider is correct.

Check your spam folder. Read the service provider’s contract to see if and how the creditor sends invoices. If you haven’t received an invoice, be proactive and request a new one. If you haven’t received an invoice, be proactive and request a new one. Delays in payment of invoices will result in interest and collection costs.

The claim has no basis because I have not received the documents.

Julianus Inkaso does not send the debt documents together with the claim for repayment of the debt. As a person’s contact details may change, we do not automatically issue debt-based documents without your request and identification.

For the main documents and other supporting documents, please call +37052032991 or email 

Why do I have to pay my debt to Julianus Inkaso and not to the loan provider?

Your service provider has chosen Julianus Inkaso as its debt collection partner.

Julianus Inkaso is dedicated to the collection of your debt and has the most accurate information on the total amount owed. If you pay the full amount of the debt into the Julianus Inkaso current account, the money will cover the debt most quickly.

Once the payment is received, debt collection will be stopped and your service provider will be informed of the payment.

I received a payment reminder from Julianus Inkaso, but the payment has already been made. Why do I have to pay the collection costs?

If you make a payment after the due date and Julianus Inkaso has already initiated debt collection, you will be liable for interest and collection costs in addition to the principal debt. If you have made a payment to a company that has provided you with services, please foward the payment order to our email address

In this case, you will have to pay the interest and collection costs to Julianus Inkaso’s current account. You can do this conveniently in the Julianus Inkaso self-service HERE. Questions can be answered in an online chat, via email or by phone +37052032991.

Debt collection lasts until the debt is paid in full (including the costs of debt collection).

How does Julianus Inkaso obtain information about debts?

The creditor, i.e. the company/private person who provides/provided the service to you, transmits the debt information to Julianus Inkaso. If you do not pay for a service or a product purchased on instalment, the debt collection claim is passed on to Julianus Inkaso for debt collection.

I have no contract with Julianus Inkaso, what right do you have to process my contact details?

Your service provider has the right to contact Julianus Inkaso and enter into a cooperation agreement with Julianus Inkaso for the recovery of your debt. Julianus Inkaso is authorised to represent the creditor in judicial and extrajudicial debt recovery. On the basis of the power of attorney, Julianus Inkaso has the right to process the debtor’s contact data transmitted to them, without prior consent of individual. For more information, see Article 14 of the Law on Personal Data Protection and Article 6(1) (b) of the General Data Protection Regulation.