Purchase of debt portfolios

Julianus is a highly regarded and experienced debt buyer in the Baltic market.

By purchasing debt portfolios, we help our clients transform credit losses into cash flow. Selling your debt portfolio allows you to increase the efficiency of your company’s cash flows, avoid further credit losses, and save valuable time.

All of the resources spent on debt management processes can be directed to developing your business instead.

When purchasing debt portfolios, we are flexible: we buy receivables of various ages and in various stages of processing – both recently overdue receivables as well as those already under enforcement proceedings.

Purchased debts are handled by Julianus’ professional and experienced team, offering debtors flexible repayment options and modern payment solutions.

Contact us right away by phone at +37067604164 or by e-mail at  robertas.zuravskis@julianus.lt, and together we will figure out how we can best help your company.