Debt register

The debt register is an instrument which makes it possible to exert leverage over debtors. Our goal is to make debtors pay off their debts, to prevent the accumulation of new arrears and to protect our Clients.

The debt register features information about claims processed by Julianus Inkasso in Latvia and Estonia.

The debt register is used by banks, leasing firms and companies offering financial and telecommunication services. Our clients make both simple queries and those requesting more complex financial ratings.

Julianus’ debt register offers you the following options:

  • reports on the history of collection proceedings against private persons from Julianus’ database. Information on private persons from the debt register is provided only to registered users in accordance with the rules on protection of personal data of natural persons.
  • reports with information on companies:
  • changes to the registration details of companies: removal and appointment of officials, changes relating to the share capital, articles of association, business name, address, areas of activity;
  • legal proceedings;
  • insolvency proceedings – institution, suspension and termination;
  • liquidation proceedings – commencement, suspension and termination;
  • reorganisation – division, separation and merger;
  • annulment of VAT certificates;
  • licences – current licences, revocation;
  • press releases / other information about companies from the revenue service, professional associations, mass media, the Internet, etc.;
  • reports on debt collection history and legal proceedings against enterprises from Julianus’ database and other collection agencies.
  • The information is available only to registered users.