About us

UAB Julianus Inkaso provides a full range of debt collection services – pre-trial collection, judicial recovery, purchase of claim rights and other legal services. We also offer a debt register service (customer and credit information).

UAB Julianus Inkaso is one of the largest initiators of court proceedings, filing one in five lawsuits or petitions in the Baltic States.

Julianus team, the largest and most competent in the market, helps to find the best solutions to all debt collection problems.

Our customers are very diverse. There are small businesses and individuals who refer just a few debt claims to us each year, but there are also large companies for whom we offer a complete debt recovery solution for thousands of claims in one calendar month.

Who are we?

Julianus Inkaso offers clients a complete debt collection solution, representing clients in routine debt collection, court and enforcement proceedings, as well as complex insolvency, reorganisation, winding-up or succession cases.

Our strength is that we are always there for you. We constantly work on customer requirements. We answer debtors’ calls, and debtors can manage their debts 24 hours a day via the Julianus self-service portal.

We are open to innovation and use the latest technological solutions. Our tens of thousands of automated activities have been built on previous successful procedures.

An important part of the whole procedure is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) control of procedures, which makes it fast and efficient. In addition to all this automation, an experienced staff member is essential to the day-to-day interactions with debtors, concluding agreements and following up on their implementation.

Julianus Inkaso manages one of the largest databases of active claims in Lithuania, which creates a strong confidence to be a cooperation partner of the most successful companies in Lithuania.

Our high standards of service ensure that good debt collection practices are followed when collecting debts and that the debtor is treated with respect. Our aim is to maintain good relations between the countries.